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What are natural biologics products?

Natural biologics products are a form of tissue engineering and molecular biology that deals with the “process of replacing, engineering or regenerating human cells, tissues or organs to restore or establish normal function.” When injured or invaded by disease, our bodies have the innate response to heal and defend.

Harnessing and enhancing the body’s own healing powers is a medical practice at the frontier of present-day advancements whose properties may seem miraculous to those who benefit from them. The miracle, however, is the result of scientific exploration that has begun to unlock and utilize the body’s extraordinary ability to heal and restore itself.

How do natural biologics products work?

Cells are the building blocks of tissue, and tissues are the basic unit of function in the body. Generally, groups of cells make and secrete their own support structures, called an extracellular matrix. This matrix, or scaffold, does more than just support the cells; it also acts as a relay station for various signaling molecules. Thus, cells receive messages from many sources that become available from the local environment.

Each signal can start a chain of responses that determine what happens to the cell. Through medical technology, we can now understand how individual cells respond to signals, interact with their environment, and organize themselves into a healing process. Scaffolds are created utilizing various natural biologics treatments allowing for the tissue to self-assemble.

What is the cell count of your products?

Though we can provide batch reports for our products indicating analyzed results, we do not make any standardized claims about cell count. Most of our products are acellular and contain a multitude of components that are capable of initiating and carrying out the healing response. These components, which include cytokines, hyaluronic acid, collagens, and much more, create a healing environment and are the driving force behind our natural biologics products.

What can I expect in my shipment from New Life Medical Services?

All New Life shipments are sent in validated, temperature-controlled boxes. Our natural biologics products can remain in their boxes for 72 hours. The option to receive a 5-day validated box is also available.

Included in your shipment:

  • Dry ice to maintain -80°F temperature
  • Natural biologics products
  • Instructions for use
  • Application guide
  • Tissue Utilization Report
  • Quality Assurance Form

How long do natural biologics products last while frozen?

When you receive your shipment from New Life, the products must be used within the 72-hour timeframe or stored in a freezer that can maintain a temperature of -80°F. If frozen, New Life products have an average shelf life of one year from the date of packaging.

Do I have to attend a New Life training course to order natural biologics products?

In short – no. However, we strongly suggest that those who will be implementing a natural biologics program into their practice attend a New Life training course. Nurse Practitioners, Physician Assistants, MDs, and DOs, are all welcome to participate in our training, where they will not only learn about natural biologics products but also aseptic techniques, industry standards and regulations, hands-on product application, and more.

How early should I place my natural biologics order?

All orders needed for next-day shipping must be placed before 4:00 PM EST, Monday-Friday. Advanced product orders can be submitted at any time. All shipments are sent via FedEx Overnight with delivery by 10:30 AM.

What is your return policy?

New Life will accept return orders if the products have not been opened. This includes all product packaging. If the packaging has been compromised in any way, we will not accept your return. Additionally, the product must maintain a temperature of -80°F from the time of departure until it arrives back at the New Life office. To return an untampered product, practices must complete a Return Authorization Form and have approval from New Life administration. Contact us to secure a Return Authorization Form.

How do I order natural biologics products?

If you are a new customer, you must complete a Customer Profile Form and complete a signed NDA before purchasing products. Contact us today to complete these initial steps. 


Once those steps are complete, ordering is easy! Just complete our standard order form and send it via email to

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