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Regenerative Treatments Can Help With Pain Management

Sports Injuries

All Natural Healing Components for Sports Medicine Applications


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About The New Life Regenerative Medicine

New Life Regenerative Medicine products are designed to treat patients who suffer from a multitude of conditions ranging from the management of pain all the way to anti-aging treatments. Our goal is to provide products that not only make people feel better but also look better.

The goal of regenerative medicine is to enhance the body’s natural ability to heal itself. A healthy body should have the power to heal from an injury without any outside intervention. However, in many cases, due to age, disease or an unhealthy lifestyle, help is needed and regenerative medicine is a good option.

When people think of regenerative medicine, it is often associated with stem cells. Stem cell therapy is taking the regenerative medicine world by storm… but should stemcells get all the credit? The question we are asked most often, by physicians and patients, is “what is the cell count of the product?” It’s a common misconception that stem cells are the only component needed in regenerative medicine to kickstart the healing and regenerative process and the higher the cell count, the better. It is the patient’s own stem cells that do the work, not the stem cells contained in products, these cells serve as a vehicle to deliver signaling molecules. While we agree that cells are an important part of regenerative medicine, equally important, if not more important, are the “dream team” components of regenerative medicine, chemical messengers comprised of growth factors and cytokines, that enhance the body’s natural ability to heal and regenerate. In addition, collagens, proteins, hyaluronic acids, and peptides assist in harnessing the body’s power of true healing.

What many “stem cell” companies fail to mention is that your cells are as old as you are. As we age, the number of cells and the quality of our cells drastically diminish. With a decrease in cell quality, a person of advanced age will not heal and regenerate like a young child would. New Life Regenerative Medicine products are derived from birth tissues, which means the components in these products are at day one strength.

Treatments within the field of regenerative medicine offer exciting new opportunities for healing and recovery. If you would like to learn more about our regenerative medicine products, contact New Life Regenerative Medicine today. We will be happy to discuss your options, help you determine which product is most suitable for your needs, and assist you in locating a participating physician closest to you geographically.


What We Can Help You With

Sports Injuries

Regenerative Therapies use all natural healing components for sports medicine applications.

Pain Management

Regenerative Medicine treatments are a pain management option that more and more individuals with chronic pain are considering.


We’ve developed an innovative line of products which contain many different regenerative components, such as growth factors and cytokines.


What Our Patients Are Saying

Being an avid tennis player, I was discouraged and obviously unhappy with my limitations due to shoulder pain. After one treatment with RENyTE, the difference is phenomenal. The pain is gone, I have resumed tennis and am even warming up with my son prior to his tournaments.

OmarBusinessman, 42

Playing for the NFL, I was used to everyday aches and pains. However, when the pain in my elbow became too intense to ignore I chose to undergo amnion therapy. After one treatment, the pain was gone and I feel great!

JeffNFL Player, 24

Being an avid runner for years, it was becoming more and more difficult to continue due to arthritis in my knees. My physician injected RELeV in each knee and I am now able to run pain-free. I am so grateful for this treatment.

ReakhaBusiness Woman

As a retired contractor, my body has taken a beating, especially in my ankle. After an ongoing treatment program that included RESToR and RENyTE, my ankle is virtually pain-free and I am back on the golf course enjoying my retirement.

TomRetired Contractor, 66

Associated with highly vetted doctors across the nation

New Life Regenerative Medicine is associated with highly vetted doctors across the nation to offer the best treatment services available. The procedure for each clinical application of our products is developed and overseen by a medical director specializing in the appropriate field, such as pain management, sports injuries, cosmetics, hair restoration, podiatry, back injuries, and sexual health. Our medical directors ensure that a standardized protocol is used when physicians deliver our family of products. No matter which location our patients visit to seek treatment, they can rest assured that they’ll receive the same high-quality care that will help them to feel better and look better.

Additionally, New Life Regenerative Medicine is an FDA registered and multi-state licensed tissue bank that ensures the highest quality of products. The tissue in our regenerative medicine therapy products is procured and processed to the highest standards mandated by the FDA as well as the American Association of Tissue Banks. From the processing of our products to our standardized delivery practices, New Life Regenerative Medicine ensures that our regenerative products best serve the needs of our patients.

Contact us today if you’d like to learn more about how our therapies and Regenerative Medicine products can help you improve your quality of life.

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