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The goal of regenerative medicine is to enhance the body’s natural ability to heal itself. A healthy body should have the power to heal without any outside intervention. However, in many cases, due to age, disease or an unhealthy lifestyle, help is needed.

When people think of regenerative medicine, it is often associated with stem cells. Stem cell therapy is taking the regenerative medicine world by storm… but should stem cells get all the credit? The question we are asked most often, by practitioners and patients, is “what is the cell count of the product?” It’s a common misconception that stem cells are the only component needed in regenerative medicine to kickstart the regenerative process and the higher the cell count, the better. It is, in fact, the patient’s own stem cells that do the work, not the stem cells contained in products; these cells serve as a vehicle to deliver signaling molecules. While we agree that cells are an important part of regenerative medicine, equally important, if not more important, are the “dream team” components of regenerative medicine, chemical messengers comprised of growth factors and cytokines, that enhance the body’s natural ability to heal and regenerate. In addition, collagens, proteins, hyaluronic acids, and peptides assist in harnessing the body’s power of true healing.

What many “stem cell” companies fail to mention is that your cells are as old as you are. As we age, the number of cells and the quality of our cells drastically diminish. With a decrease in cell quality, a person of advanced age will not heal and regenerate like a young child would. New Life Regenerative Medicine products are derived from birth tissues, which means the components in these products are at day one strength.

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New Life Regenerative Medicine is an FDA registered and multi-state licensed tissue bank that ensures the highest quality of products. The tissue in our regenerative medicine products is processed to the highest standards mandated by the FDA as well as the American Association of Tissue Banks, in a cGMP laboratory. All serological testing of donors is performed in a CLIA certified lab.  From the processing of our products to our standardized delivery practices, New Life Regenerative Medicine strives to provide the best products to serve the needs of the patients.

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