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About New Life Regenerative Medicine

New Life Regenerative Medicine is an FDA registered and multi-state licensed tissue bank specializing in the prescreening, processing and distribution of regenerative medicine products. We work closely with clinicians and practitioners strategically placed across the U.S. with the focus of enhancing lives through regenerative medicine, skincare and supplement products.

Our revolutionary regenerative medicine products utilize the natural healing components contained in birth tissues as well as those found in the patient’s own body. Our products contain a multitude of components including growth factors, cytokines, collagens, proteins, extracellular matrix and hyaluronic acid to develop our suite of revolutionary regenerative medicine products. All of our products can be used individually or combined for an even more robust outcome.

New Life’s team of Medical Directors are at the top of their fields and recognized nationally and internationally for their skill and expertise. As industry experts, we offer Training Sessions to help keep clinicians one step ahead of the ever-changing protocols, procedures and techniques associated with the regenerative medicine industry.

Our participating practitioners realize that there is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all cure, so they never use a one-size-fits-all approach to a patient’s diagnosis. Every patient receives a comprehensive evaluation to arrive at the most effective treatment option available.

Our Vision

Our vision is to progress regenerative medicine awareness into a social movement that transforms healthcare, allowing people to preserve and enhance their health to fully enjoy their family, friends, and the fruits of their labor.

Our Mission Statement

New Life Regenerative Medicine believes patient care should be offered with trust, dignity, and compassion.

Our mission is to work closely with top practitioners to offer innovative products that enhance the body’s natural ability to heal through regenerative medicine.

Our Medical Directors

Frederick McClimans
Medical Director
Joseph Greco
Medical Director
Hair Restoration
Leonard Karadimas
Dr. Leonard Karadimas
Medical Director
R. Lance Johansen
Dr. R. Lance Johansen
Medical Director

Our Executive Staff

Vicki Mansavage 200x200
Vicki Mansavage
President & Chief Executive Officer
Geoffrey Saunooke
Chief Operating Officer
Joshua Mansavage
Joshua Mansavage
Vice President
Stephen F. Story
Managing Member
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