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4 Tips To Keep Your Joints Healthy

4 Tips to Keep Your Joints Healthy

Your joints play a vital role in everyday movements. From climbing stairs to carrying your groceries, your joints undergo a lot of stress every day. Over time, this may lead to joint pain and other problems. In addition, as we age, our joints may not work as well as they once did.

Maintaining optimal joint function allows us to stay active and independent. However, sometimes joint pain and other problems seem unavoidable. Fortunately, there are several things you can do to protect your joints and keep them healthy.

1. Consume Foods for Joint Health

When considering what to add to your grocery list, don’t forget to include foods that improve joint health. The foods you eat play an important role in joint function. Here are some examples of foods that are especially beneficial for joint health:

  • Seeds and nuts
  • Beans
  • Whole grains
  • Broccoli
  • Kale
  • Fatty fish

Just as these foods are good for joint health, some foods can contribute to joint pain and other problems. Try avoiding inflammatory foods such as:

  • Fried foods
  • Red meat
  • Alcohol
  • Refined carbs
  • Sodas

2. Practice Exercises to Keep Your Joints Healthy

A sedentary lifestyle may adversely affect your joints, so keeping them moving is crucial. When exercising, it’s best to focus on low-impact aerobic activities such as:

  • Swimming
  • Biking
  • Walking
  • Yoga
  • Pilates

These activities put little stress on your joints and may improve joint function. Furthermore, if you suffer from a joint condition like arthritis, exercise may help to reduce pain and stiffness.

Strengthening the muscles surrounding your joints is essential. This helps to take some of the pressure off of your joints and may help prevent injuries. Try adding simple strength-training exercises for a well-rounded workout routine. However, be sure to speak with your healthcare provider before beginning any new exercise routine.

3. Maintain Good Posture

How you hold yourself plays a role in both your confidence and joint health. Having poor posture may put unnecessary stress on your joints and lead to pain, stiffness, and other problems. So it’s crucial to be aware of your posture throughout the day.

If you spend most of your day sitting, be sure to sit up straight and use a chair that supports your back. When standing, keep your shoulders back and your weight evenly distributed on both feet.

Exercises for Better Posture

If you often catch yourself slouching, there are some exercises you can do to improve your posture. Try these simple exercises a few times a week:

  • Shoulder rolls
  • Wall sits
  • Sit-ups

4. Learn About Natural Biologics for Joints

Biologics have been shown to reduce pain, swelling, and joint damage. In addition, biologics such as Wharton’s Jelly may help reduce joint inflammation and aid in the repair of damaged joints.

Wharton’s Jelly is a natural biologic containing high hyaluronic acid levels. Hyaluronic acid is a natural substance found in the joints that helps to cushion and lubricate them. This may make it an ideal treatment for joint conditions such as arthritis.

If you are looking for a natural way to improve joint health, New Life Medical Services may be able to help. Our products are designed to treat a wide range of conditions and improve the quality of life for patients.  

Contact New Life Medical Services

New Life Medical Services offers natural biologics to help enhance the body’s natural healing process. If you are looking for ways to keep your joints healthy, contact us today to find a provider near you.

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