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Why Patients Choose Regenerative Medicine Over Traditional Medicine

Why Patients Choose Regenerative Medicine Over Traditional Medicine

Whether you’ve suffered from an acute injury, or have been living with chronic pain, you have likely tried everything to find lasting relief. Medication can only go so far in helping you find short-term relief to make your pain manageable. However, it can’t repair damaged tissues or help your body heal, which is why many patients are choosing regenerative medicine over traditional medicine methods.


Regenerative medicine is the biological process of replacing, repairing and regenerating human cells and tissues to restore proper function lost due to aging, disease and damage. It is used to facilitate healing in both orthopaedic and aesthetic treatments. 


What is the difference between regenerative medicine and other treatments?

Many traditional treatment methods focus solely on relieving pain and controlling symptoms. However, regenerative medicine aims to facilitate the repair or regrowth of damaged tissues or organs, ultimately healing the root cause of the problem. Regenerative medicine has many benefits compared to traditional medicine, including:


Minimal pain

Regenerative medicine is a non-surgical treatment option, meaning there is minimal pain associated with it. While patients may feel achy or sore at the injection site for a few hours, this is far less than one would experience with conventional medical treatments. 


Faster recovery

With most surgeries, patients are expected to have a few weeks or months for a recovery period. Growth factors help jump-start the affected tissues in the regenerative process, which accelerates the healing process. 



Regenerative medicine utilizes the body’s natural healing processes to relieve pain and restore the health of damaged organs, joints or cartilages. This means there are little to no adverse side effects associated with this treatment. With traditional medicine treatments, patients may experience pain, nausea, infections, blood clots, nerve damage, and much more.


Getting Started with Regenerative Medicine

Expanding your practice to include regenerative medicine treatments provides your patients with a way to heal without the need for invasive surgery or lifelong medications. New Life Regenerative Medicine Training Sessions teach healthcare providers the latest protocols, procedures and techniques they need to have a successful practice and improve patient outcomes. Start treating patients with regenerative medicine today.

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