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Why Choose New Life For Regenerative Medicine Training

Why Choose New Life for Regenerative Medicine Training

The technology surrounding the world of regenerative medicine is constantly evolving. Every minute, a new discovery is made that leads to groundbreaking treatment options. To run a successful regenerative medicine practice, you need to be one step ahead of the proper protocols, procedures, and techniques.


The industry leaders at New Life Regenerative Medicine have formed a partnership with the University of South Florida Center for Advanced Medical Learning and Simulation (USF CAMLS) to provide physicians the training they need to succeed in regenerative medicine. 


Together with USF’s state-of-the-art facility and New Life’s board-certified medical directors, our training events encompass the regenerative medicine industry as a whole while providing full-scale education on New Life products and their applications. 



Why New Life?

As an industry leader, New Life Regenerative Medicine is an FDA registered and multi-state licensed tissue bank that ensures the highest quality of regenerative products for both orthopedic and aesthetic conditions. 


During our training sessions, we teach more than just regenerative products and their applications. We educate clinicians on the everchanging FDA regulations and industry standards so they can successfully implement and maintain their regenerative medicine practice. 


New life training through USF CAMLS takes clinicians through detailed instruction and training on orthopedic and aesthetic techniques. Clinicians gain hands-on experience with live patients and synthetic models. Orthopedic training details clinical instruction with the shoulders, knees, elbows and more, while aesthetic training sessions provide experience with biofacials, hair restoration and other regenerative services. 


Why implement regenerative medicine?

Regenerative medicine is undoubtedly revolutionizing the healthcare industry. According to market-to-market research, regenerative medicine will grow from a $15 billion industry to over $38 billion by 2023. With only three years to go, there is no better time to make the educational investment in your clinical business model. 


Regenerative medicine has countless healthcare applications from orthopedic and aesthetic benefits to performance enhancement. Patients seek out innovative therapies. If there is a minimally-invasive alternative to a surgery through regenerative medicine, why wouldn’t you want to offer that to your patients? Exceed your patients’ expectations by making regenerative medicine a part of your ongoing care continuum. 


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