Regenerative Therapies for Aesthetic Medicine from New Life Regenerative Medicine

The applications for traditional stem cell therapy in aesthetic medicine are numerous. However, there are many regenerative components beyond just stem cells that can be advantageous when used for cosmetic purposes. At New Life Regenerative Medicine, we’ve developed an innovative line of products which contain many different regenerative components, such as growth factors and cytokines. These components can enhance the body’s natural ability to heal and can help rejuvenate the skin for a healthy appearance.

Our products, RELeVREViVRESToR, and RENuE are completely natural and derived from birth tissues that would otherwise be discarded, while New Life™ – PRP System is created using the patient’s own blood. All New Life products contain anti-inflammatory properties that work almost immediately, as well as regenerative components that continue to work long-term. Some of their applications include:

  • Scar reduction
  • Wrinkle reduction
  • Hair restoration
  • Skin care
  • Male enhancement
  • Recovery from laser procedures
  • And more

New Life Regenerative Medicine offers our innovative products at partner clinics across the nation. The procedures used to deliver these treatments are developed and standardized by our own renowned medical directors, ensuring that our patients enjoy the same quality of care no matter which clinic they visit. In addition to being standardized, all of our treatments are outpatient procedures and do not require surgery.

To learn more about how our New Life products are more than just a simple stem cell treatment for aesthetic medicine, contact New Life Regenerative Medicine today. We will be happy to discuss your cosmetic goals and help you determine which of our products is most suitable for you.

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