Penile Enhancement

Regenerative Medicine therapies for Penile Enhancement from New Life Regenerative Medicine

Traditional treatments to enhance the thickness, length, and rigidity of the penis range from exercises to surgical procedures, with reports of both success and failure.

With regenerative medicine treatments now available, men can achieve penile enhancement without the need for invasive surgery, which has significant risks, or the inconvenience of stretching exercises.

Utilizing regenerative medicine treatments, along with soft tissue fillers, allows for a safe and effective solution with minimal risk of complications. Using a local anesthetic, the procedure is simple, straightforward, and can be done in the practitioner’s office, taking only minutes to complete. In addition, this treatment is compatible with penile prosthetics and can provide additional padding for more comfort.

When receiving treatment for penile enhancement, realistic goals must be in place. Combining regenerative medicine treatments with soft fillers can increase the thickness of the penis by 20 percent, giving it a longer appearance when not erect.

The ideal patients for this treatment are men that have been circumcised, have a small to average penis, are not extremely overweight, and that have a non-retractive penis when not erect.

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