Regenerative Medicine


Applications for Regenerative Medicine Products

Regenerative medicine treatments using birth tissues and platelet-rich plasma have shown to have huge potential in a wide range of medical and aesthetic applications. Regenerative medicine refers to treatments that promote the body’s natural ability to heal. These treatments often include cytokines, growth factors, and other components that may stimulate the growth of healthy tissue within the body. New Life Regenerative Medicine offers a full line of products developed to enhance the body’s ability to heal.

New Life Regenerative Medicine’s products can be used to expedite healing and rejuvenation in such applications as:

  • Pain Management– Regenerative medicine can be used to reduce pain and help in the healing process following treatment. Our goal is to help patients avoid relying on opioids that have the potential to lead to addiction as well as cortisone or steroid shots, which can deteriorate tissue.
  • Sports Injuries– Regenerative medicine may aid in the treatment of many types of sports injuries, particularly those involving tendons and ligaments, which are slow to heal. They have been used for conditions including tennis elbow, rotator cuff injuries, ACL tears, tendonitis, wrist or ankle sprains, and other common sports injuries.
  • Aesthetics– Regenerative medicine treatments may be used in skincare treatments alone or in conjunction with other products to help reduce the appearance of wrinkles and scars, fill in voids from tissue loss, rejuvenate skin and even aid in recovery following a laser procedure.
  • Surgical Procedures– Regenerative medicine products may be used in surgical procedures to enhance the healing process, reducing recovery time, and support bone fusion.
  • Hair Restoration– Regenerative medicine has helped both men and women who suffer from hair loss due to genetics, disease or the aging process.
  • Sexual Dysfunction– Regenerative medicine may help aid those who suffer from sexual dysfunction due to erectile dysfunction and vaginal muscle weakness.
  • Podiatry– Regenerative medicine has helped in reducing pain and treating conditions like arthritis of the ankles and toes as well as other foot conditions, like plantar fasciitis.
  • Wound care–Regenerative medicine may be used to help promote faster healing of ulcers and other wounds caused by various conditions such as diabetes.
  • Penile Enhancement– With regenerative medicine treatments now available, men can achieve penile enhancement without the need for invasive surgery, which has significant risks, or the inconvenience of stretching exercises.

New Life Regenerative Medicine is proud to offer a full line of regenerative medicine products at clinics located in cities across the United States. If you’d like to learn more about regenerative medicine and how it may treat various conditions, contact New Life Regenerative Medicine today. We can help you direct you to your nearest New Life Regenerative Medicine provider.

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