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National Public Health Week

National Public Health Week


National Public Health Week is April 5 – 11, 2021. During the first full week of April each year, the American Public Health Association recognizes the contributions of public health and highlights issues that are important to improving our nation. 


COVID-19 Has Made Many Americans Rethink Their Health Priorities


The COVID-19 pandemic presents an unprecedented challenge to public health. If there is one thing the pandemic has shown us, it’s that making communities safe and healthy is public health’s top priority, which is why this year’s National Public Health Week theme is “Building Bridges to Better Health.”


Public Health is more than a single topic; it’s the science of protecting and improving families and communities’ health through the promotion of healthy lifestyles, research for disease, and so much more. 


The daily themes for this National Public Health Week include:


Monday: Rebuilding


Tuesday: Advancing Racial Equity


Wednesday: Strengthening Community


Thursday: Galvanizing Climate Justice


Friday: Constructing COVID-19 Resilience


Saturday: Uplifting Mental Health and Wellness


Sunday: Elevating the Essential and Health Workforce


At New Life Regenerative Medicine, we celebrate and recognize the public health workforce for their commitment to making America safer and improving the health of communities across the nation.

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