Bailey Family Care

Bailey Family Care offers multiple regenerative medical services for ailments of multiple joints and tendons including:

• Knee arthritis

• Patellar tendonitis

• Ankle arthritis

• Achilles tendonitis

• Plantar fasciitis

• Carpal tunnel syndrome

• Wrist and finger arthritis

• Trigger finger pain

• Elbow arthritis

• Golfers/tennis elbow

• Bicipital tendonitis

• Shoulder/ Acromioclavicular arthritis

• Rotator cuff tendonitis

• Low back pain

• Sacroiliitis

In addition to treating joints and tendons, Bailey Family Care also offers non-surgical aesthetic treatments that range from facial rejuvenation therapy to hair loss treatments, utilizing PRP and regenerative medicine to achieve the best results.


1815 Health Care Dr Suite B, Trinity, Florida 34655

(727) 312-4445